Sean Molloy – Revamped Classic Art

Classic and contemporary!

I love how the Dublin based artist Sean Molloy revamps traditional paintings and vintage photos giving them a contemporary touch. The artist wants to investigate the relevance of classic painting in a digitally-mediated world.

On every art piece there is a contraposition between the classic portrait or landscape style, and layers of digital elements inspired by a variety of sources, as image manipulation software, glitch art, etc.

Everything is done using a traditional painting technique, and the final result is balanced even if the inspirational elements are so different. Love it!



Carnevale Giveaway – #crochetmaskcollage

New month, new giveaway!

Female portrait with a black mask covering the face.

Self portrait with mask.

Some months ago I had this idea to realize a digital crochet mask to print and wear, using the same style of my signature crochet mask collages. The result is a freaky self portrait that I really enjoyed and so, I would like to make you play with the mask too :)

To celebrate the Italian “Carnevale” (Carnival) that will run for the month of February, I wanted to make a masked theme giveaway. The prize is one of my crochet collages that you can find on the gallery below. The winner can choose one of the 6 collages from the Series.

Rules are the follow:

  1. Download the crochet mask template (Black or White version)
  2. Print the template (you can also use it as a digital file if you prefer)
  3. Wear or make it wear the mask (get creative, play the game as you want, no need to make a selfie!)
  4. Share the image result on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the #crochetmaskcollage hashtag.

Giveaway will end on Monday 29th of February 2016. Winner will be draw the day after using

Have fun and good luck!



January Giveaway – The Winner


collage of 3 photos about a vintage collage created with colored stripes and washi tape.

Large sized art print.

As promised, I drew through the winner of my January giveaway. The prize is a large sized art print purchased on my Society6 shop about my collage “Il Martirio Di Caterina Da Siena”.

And the winner is…..


Thanks to everyone who participated to this giveaway, and Corinne I hope you will enjoy my art print :)

I am thinking to make a monthly giveaway this year, so don’t give up ;)


Inspired – Nina Garner

So inspiring!

I fell in love with Nina Garner‘s mixed media artworks.

Her clever interventions are a mix and match of analogue photography cuts, found materials, elements took directly from nature and a dreamy colors combination. On her website’s Fine Art section you will find some very good projects.

Below my favorite one!

Purple Crafts – AhClementina

So cute!

This is the dreamy Etsy shop AhClementina, where you can find the felt creations by the Ukraine crafter Tanya Kravchenko.

On her shop you’ll see several handmade jewels as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches and her super cute and tiny felt toys that really captured my eyes.

I love her style on creating these toys, they look like small sculptures.


Want to win a large art print of one of my collages? Just Post a comment here to participate! Giveaway ends on Sunday 31 of January 2016.