András Király – Hands Gesture

The power of gestures!

I truly love the paintings by the Hungarian artist András Király. His art research is mostly focused on the hands as a subject and all their gesture possibilities.

Sometimes he connects the hands to an object, but all his art pieces release an intriguing sense of energy and beauty.

Society6 – New Art Prints 003


Enjoy some new art prints that you can find on my Society6 shop.

Etsy Shop – New Works 007


These are some of the new tiny collages that you can find on my Etsy shop. All these pocket creations are available at very affordable prices, and there is an art gift box set too!


Inspired – Edoardo De Falchi


I love the “Great Masters of Art Remix” series realised by the Italian artist Edoardo De Falchi. The artist creates a clever melting pot of classic paintings to realise a brand new point of view of these art pieces.


Liam Symes – Memory, Isolation And Serenity

So beautiful!

The Uk artist Liam Symes has his own way to see memories and the images connected to them.

His paintings recalls me classic vintage family photos, but transformed in brand new amazing contemporary pieces. Each subject of his artworks seems to float into an isolated but bright, colorful and abstract space.

Some Of My Works 51

New collages!

Enjoy some of my new collages on vintage found photos and postcards. You can find more of these here and here.

Inspired – Fehmi Baumbach


The German artist Fehmi Baumbach realises minimal and geometric collages using paper cuts from drawings, encyclopaedias, paintings and photos. She also uses coloured yarns to finish her clean and beautiful compositions.