#creativeunblock – April

April project!

This is my art experiment done for the April Creative Unblock, an Instagram challenge launched from The Jealous Curator blog.

For this month the instructions were the following:

“Make a little sculpture using a found object. Find something around your house, at a thrift store, a wacky junk store, anywhere! An object that is about as big as your hand or smaller is probably the best size to start with, so it’s not overwhelming. And make sure it’s something you don’t mind ruining. This is just suppose to be fun after all! And then transform the heck out of it! Paint on it, glue things to it, cut it in half and glue it back to itself, or glue it to something else. Use the objects color and shape to inspire you.”

So I walked in the city center through charity and thrift shops to look for an old object easy to paint and to bring with me. I found a wooden candle holder that was perfect for my idea! I transformed it into a colorful object using fluorescent acrylic paint and I finished the work with some dots decorations with my pens.

Below all the phases of the project (you can find all the images in my Instagram profile too), I hope you enjoy it!

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