Núria Farré – Ophelia

Dreamy portraits!

I immediately connected the amazing female portraits by the Spanish artist Núria Farré to the Shakespearian character Ophelia.

It looks like to see a modern version Pre-Raphaelites paintings where femininity, isolation and solitude are common topics. I also recognise a sense of serenity and release on these pantings, but always surrounded with darkness.




Purple Music – Up&Up

Animated collages!

Let’s face it, the first impression once I saw this video was “wow, the collages are moving!”.

Last week a friend of mine introduced me to the new Coldplay video, and I truly liked it. I also recognised several clear mentions to lots of amazing contemporary collagists that I love. I was curious to see if the directors Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia gave a kind of explanation of what brought them to create this video.

But  nothing.

The day the video was live, there was no trace of credits to these artists, and I was a little bit surprised. Although none of the images were literally “stoled”, there is a clear inspiration to tons of them. After a while some of the artists “mentioned” on the video clearly started to get disappointed, and shared their thoughts through social media. I can understand that was a kind of bitter sweet tribute.

Now, not sure if this paragraph was added after this online debate or not (I truly don’t remember any credits gave to the artists), but here, on the Vimeo account of one of the two directors, there is now an entire list of artists that were taken as inspiration for the creation of the video:

“Inspired by the amazing art of:
Victoria Siemer, Sammy Slabbinck, Karen Lynch, Sarah Eisenlohr, Joe Webb, Jeff Hendrickson, Katie Dutch, Linder Sterling, Kieron “cur3es” Cropper, Beth Hoeckel, Eugenia Loli, Mariano Peccinetti, Shang Chengxiang, Charlie Davoli, Artem Rhads Cheboha, Fran Rodriguez, Felipe Posada, Jay Riggio, Ser Sinestésico, Marina Molares, Merve Ozaslan, Julien Pacaud, Angelo Vazquez, Terry Ringler, Djuno Tomsni, John Stezaker, Richard Hamilton, Hannah Höch, and of course Rene Magritte”.

I don’t believe that this was made to take all the credits, I truly hope so. As far as I am concerned, the first thing that I do if I create something taking inspiration from other artists I will give them credits, that’s all.

After all these words (sorry!), I truly enjoyed the video and I am happy to see that this kind of works caught the attention of a huge public. On the other  hand, I am concerned about how artists have to deal with their rights, and the inevitable risk in some way to have their brilliant ideas “violated”.

What do you think about it?


Inspired – Fajar P. Domingo


The Indonesian artist Fajar P. Domingo plays around digital collages with a retro-surreal touch.

In many of these works you can see weird characters floating in cloudy skies.


Christina Romeo – Mixed Media Creatures

Dreamy art!

The American artist Christina Romeo brings us into a fairy tales world through her beautiful art creations.

Her works are a combination between abstract and figurative art full of bright colours. The artist is able to showcase her unique style on drawings, paintings and fine contemporary ceramics.

Below some of my favorite pieces, enjoy!

Inspired – Felipe Posada


Enjoy the surreal vintage style collages by the NY based artist Felipe Posada.

Purple Crafts – Yvonne Ellen

Love this style!

The British designer Yvonne Ellen truly love classic fine bone china tableware, but with a special “twist”.

Her shop is full of unique vintage ceramics decorated with more modern and fresh illustrations.

The design combination is just perfect, each piece is full of colours with a unique mix between tradition and contemporary art.