#creativeunblock – January 001

Here it is!

So, just a while ago I spoke about the fun Creative Unblock challenge launched by The Jealous Curator. The idea behind was pretty simple and fun:

Make a drawing in black and white {or use a found image} and then photocopy the drawing onto card stock 50 times. Then, alter the image in as many different ways as you can think of with colored pencils, paint, cutting, whatever. You can modify this idea and change it in whatever way you like but the important thing is to turn off your brain and just play with a repeated form and let your mind see where no ideas or thought process takes you. 

I was truly fascinated by the idea of create several collages on the same image, so I did it! I scanned an old vintage photo, photocopied for 50 times and then I started to play on. The results? You can find half of the works below, another half tomorrow.

Every feedback is always welcome and don’t forget to jump into the February Creative Unblock challenge :)