Purple Crafts – CMB

Oh my!

I just love the beautiful clay works by Chloe May Brown, aka CMB. Each piece is crafted by hand and the final result is super pretty and eye catchy.

If can find Chloe on Instagram too.


Featured – Design Crush & More


Here they are some last features of my collages online.

Thanks to Rise Art for mentioning them twice (here and here) on their blog, CreativPaper for this amazing feature (it’s super old but it’s worth to read it) and to Design Crush for this lovely post!

Screenshot of a blog page.

Featured on Design Crush blog.

Screenshot of a blog page.

Featured on Rise Art blog.

Blog screenshot

Collages by Naomi Vona featured on CreativPaper.

Screenshot of a blog page.

Featured on Rise Art blog.

Purple Crafts – Alice Des

So beautiful!

The French illustrator Alice Des has an amazing talent and many different skills. In this post I will show you her lovely ceramic swimmers series.

You can see her works on different online websites as Behance, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Purple Crafts – An Astrid Endeavor

So colorful!

Enjoy the soft jewellery creations by Astrid, aka An Astrid Endeavor, a designer based in San Francisco that creates beautiful embroidery and textile accessories.

You can follow her on Instagram.

Paintings by Ion Vacareanu

Unchained dance!

I love these dynamic paintings by the Romanian artist Ion Vacareanu.

Each piece represent so well this sense of movement and fun. Furthermore, they seems to be took from 50’s video footages or pictures.

You can also see Ion works on Saatchi Art and Facebook.