Some Of My Works 49


Below you can see some of my brand new collages on vintage found photos and postcards.

You can find more of these here and here.


Inspired – Jessica Wohl


The American artist Jessica Wohl explores several ways to represent the topic of the home and its residents through her beautiful art. In this case I show you her paper collages, but all her online gallery worth to be explored.

Jessica also creates amazing sewn photo alterations and paintings, illustrations over magazine and vintage photos, soft toys sculptures and installations. What a talent!

Abstract Collages 003

Another batch!

These are other new abstract collage artworks that I am uploading on my Artfinder online gallery.

The series, called “Getting Rid Of The Shit“, is growing and I am happy to see how this new creative adventure is going on. I hope you will enjoy these new collages too!

Jaime Rovenstine – Abstract Candies

So bright!

I truly love the abstract and colorful paintings by the American artist Jaime Rovenstine. Her artworks reminds me lovely childhood memories.

Once you look at these compositions, it looks like you are throw into an dreamy parallel world. I kinda love this sensation.

Inspired – Mairi Timoney


Enjoy the wonderful mixed media artworks realised by the UK artist Mairi Timoney.

I love how she combines a pure minimal style, surreal landscapes and some delicate pastel colours shades.

Abstract Collages 002

And here they are!

As I promised last week, I am releasing some brand new works of mine.

I am creating a new abstract collage series called “Getting Rid Of the Shit“, you can see the whole project on Artfinder too.

I hope you will enjoy them, see ya next week with some other works!