Purple Collabs – Chucherías de Arte Ediciones

Super happy!


I have been able to have an email exchange with Ceferino López, the man behind Chucherías de Arte Ediciones. This is a Spanish publisher specialized in the creation of affordable mini art books (the costs are around € 8,00-12,00 per book) about selected illustrators, photographers and artists. I was lucky to be selected for the “Fotoselecciones” mini book selection, and this is totally amazing!

The idea is to have a pocket portfolio to bring easily with you, but also to show an artistic project in a cool and elegant way. On the website you can purchase online the books, I recommend you to have a look around, it will worth your time!

Below you can see a video of “The time travelers” mini book about my collages. I hope you enjoy!

Featured – Saatchi Art & More

Heavy rain of features!

Between the past and the current week I discovered several features of my collages artworks.  This makes me really happy, it means a lot to me.

My vinyl cover collages are starting to be noticed too, and this is a super good news. Thanks again to everyone supports me and shares what I do, thanks so much!

My collages were featured on Pride Month Collection, Inspired by Man Ray Collection and Fifty Shades of Fall Collection on Saatchi Art. Thanks to Art News Portal, DZine Trip, Balm Digest and Think Faest too.

Purple Crafts – Ohhio

Winter is coming!

The Etsy shop Ohhio is a wonderful place to find cool home and fashion accessories with a unique style. Using the giant knit, the shop offers a good range of products that will blow your mind as hats, scarfs, blankets, carpets, pillows and pet beds. 

Each product is customizable, you can choose from a  big range of sizes and colors, the material used is 100% merino wool from Australian sheep.