Purple Crafts – CMB

Oh my!

I just love the beautiful clay works by Chloe May Brown, aka CMB. Each piece is crafted by hand and the final result is super pretty and eye catchy.

If can find Chloe on Instagram too.

Tracie Cheng – Fluid Art

Love it!

The painter Tracie Cheng describes her art project as follows: “Tracie Cheng is an artist interested in dimension, fluidity, and versatility, primarily through lines and color in abstract form”.

I truly like how she transforms a simple line into something so dynamic and tridimensional.

Brooklyn Whelan – Exploring The Sky

Head in the clouds!

I love how the Australian painter Brooklyn Whelan represents the beauty of weather patterns, focusing his research in skies and clouds.

Using acrylics on canvas with a limited colours palette, Brooklyn makes you enjoy a new and exciting way to explore the nature.


Kevin Corrado – Transfer

Well done!

Kevin Corrado is a talented photographer, designer and artist. I enjoy the way he puts all his capabilities in every series, and “Transfer” is one of my favorite.

In all three pieces, a hand becomes covered in paint by touching a landscape of that color. In its entirety, the project speaks about our intense connection between common landscapes and their assigned colors. The project also addresses my role as an artist, and what color I will choose for my landscapes, even though my tool of choice is a camera (a tad bit ironic). A painter is given the task to paint a tree, but that painter must choose to use green paint.