New Paper Pack Survey

Paper Packs

I am thinking to add more paper packs with new topics for this year, it’s something you would be interested? 

If yes, please vote the survey here to pick your favourite themes (you can select more than one). 

Once I get your votes, I will open the preorders! Each pack will still include a roll of washi tape.

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Monthly Collage Kit Subscription Survey

Hi everyone,

I am planning to create a series of collage kits to send over every month with different contents. I will make my selection of vintage paper cuts from magazines and books, while I will also add vintage postcards, photos and other “on topic” vintage finds.

I was wondering if any of you would be interested, and in case which topics would you like to receive. I can also offer you the possibility to pick the kits you want if you are not willing to get a subscription, so anyone can get something. 

I will more likely have preorders set for the first kits, so I can organise the materials and offer you the best I can find. Please click on this. link and check your favourite ones – thanks for your support on this!