Inspired – Albane Simon


Enjoy the intricate surreal collage works by the French artist Albane Simon.

Inspired – Anna Bu Kliewer

So surreal!

I love the amazing collage creations by the German-Ukrainian (but London based) artist Anna Bu Kliewer.


Inspired – Felipe Posada


Enjoy the surreal vintage style collages by the NY based artist Felipe Posada.

Inspired – Lerson Pannawit


I really love the simplicity of these collages created by the Thai artist Lerson Pannawit. You can easily connect his works to the surrealist style, where the the right juxtapositions between unusual landscapes and the subjects play a kind of funny/sarcastic final result.

Below you can find some of my favorite works found on his Tumblr. You can also follow him on Facebook, Behance or Instagram. Enjoy!