Arinze Stanley – Surreal Hyperrealism

I truly enjoy the pencil drawings by the Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley. I like how he combines a very technical skill as hyperrealism with a surreal finish.

His bold and peculiar style is also determined by his personal experience living in Nigeria, facing topics that revolves around social and political activism. You can also find him on Instagram.

Inspired – Jake Lee


The South Korean artist Jake Lee creates beautiful surreal collages using 50’s magazine paper cuts.

You can also follow him on Instagram.

Inspired – Tyler Varsell


Enjoy the pop surrealist paper collages by the American artist Tyler Varsell.


Inspired – Sarah Eisenlohr


Enjoy the surrealist collages by the American artist and graphic designer Sarah Eisenlohr.

Inspired – Mariano Peccinetti


This week I show you the great works by the Argentinian collage artist Mariano Peccinetti.

His bold psychedelic-surreal works are full of beauty and poetry.


Inspired – Julia Lillard


Let’s dig into the surreal art world of the American artist Julia Lillard. Her interventions are both digital and analogue, but the result is always pretty intriguing.

Maria Svarbova – Surreal Portraits


I really enjoy the delicate and surreal style of the shots taken by the Slovakian artist Maria Svarbova.

The colour palette, the empty spaces where the subject are “submerged” and the final dreamy touches are a pleasure for the eyes.