Paco Pomet Paintings


Enjoy the surreal oil portrait paintings by the Spanish artist Paco Pomet.

You can also find him on Instagram.

Inspired – Marta De Los Pájaros


Enjoy the beautiful hand cut paper collages by the Spanish artist Marta De Los Pájaros. Each composition reminds me a sort of imaginary and relaxing oasis.

You can follow Marta on Instagram.

Portraits by Alejandra Atarés Abad


I truly love the unusual portrait paintings created by the Spanish artist Alejandra Atarés Abad.

The artist creates a series of solitary female portraits seen from their back. The subjects contemplate colorful landscapes that perfectly match with their clothes!

You can also check her works on Twitter and Instagram.

Inspired – Pablo Thecuadro


Enjoy the beautiful editorial collages made with fashion shots by the Madrid based photographer Pablo Thecuadro

Inspired – Marina Siero

So inpired!

Enjoy the dada inspired collages by the Spanish artist Marina Siero.

Inspired – Dulce Chico Latina

So Inspired!

I don’t know so much of this artist (he’s Spanish, with a very interesting Flickr account), but what I know for sure is that I truly love his remakes of classic paintings.

Enjoy his funny dada style collages.


Inspired – Jaume Serra Cantallops


This week I show you the elegant and minimal digital collages by the Spanish artist Jaume Serra Cantallops.