Stefan Doru Moscu Paintings


Enjoy the retro nostalgia portrait paintings by the Romanian artist Stefan Doru Moscu.

You can also find the artist on Saatchi Art, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Hitrecord – Childhood Collaboration 003

Childhood Collab!

This is the third batch of collages realized for this project.

I experimented through the Hitrecord website on vintage portraits that users share on this portal. For the first time I wanted to work on images of people that can recognize themseves in the pictures. This was a big challenge, I was terrified by the idea to manipulate a portrait of someone that is part of the memories “attached” to it. I wanted to create a connection between the images and also to give to these photos a personal interpretation.

The result is a body of work composed of 64 postcard sized photo reproductions of 5 selected retro portraits. I will put them in little groups of 10 or so. The project is part of the Childhood collaboration.

Found Polaroids Project

The Canadian visual sociologist Kyler Zeleny is deeply passionate in found Images from family albums, especially old polaroids. Over the course of several years he has been collecting polaroid images from different places. The result is Found Polaroids, a stunning collection of over 6000 images of anonymous people.

Kyler has a “mission” behind this project: to deliver the images back to their owners. On the website invites people to contact him If someone recognizes himself or someone that they know.

There is another interesting parallel project too, where everyone can participate. You can create and submit a story connected to one of the polaroids on the website. On this way these “lost” memories will find a new life and a new story to replace the unknown one.