Some Of My Works 65

New works!

Enjoy some of my latest contemporary collage works. These are available only through the Artobotic vending machines around Edinburgh or on Artsdepot in London.

Inspired – Jessica Wohl


The American artist Jessica Wohl explores several ways to represent the topic of the home and its residents through her beautiful art. In this case I show you her paper collages, but all her online gallery worth to be explored.

Jessica also creates amazing sewn photo alterations and paintings, illustrations over magazine and vintage photos, soft toys sculptures and installations. What a talent!

JCT Li – Have A Nice Day

These are amazing!

The Taiwan artist JCT Li is creating since 2010 an ongoing series called “HAVE A NICE DAY“, made of colorful digital collages.

The artist takes random images from internet and reprocess them with digital manipulations. The final result looks like a glowing and vibrant painting to me, but it’s a photo! I love it.


Inspired – Nico Mingozzi


I just love how the Italian artist Nico Mingozzi transforms classic iconic vintage portraits into evil subjects. His dark style is a clear signature that pops out on every different intervention he makes. Below some of my faves. Enjoy!