Amelia Millard Paintings


Enjoy the pastel palette fashion portraits by Amelia Millard.

Sophie Leblanc Paintings


Enjoy the childhood inspired portrait paintings by the French artist Sophie Leblanc.

You can also find Sophie on Facebook and Instagram.


Paintings by Johanna Lüffe


Enjoy the dreamy blurry portraits by the German artist Johanna Lüffe.

You can also find her on Instagram.

Purple Crafts – Alice Des

So beautiful!

The French illustrator Alice Des has an amazing talent and many different skills. In this post I will show you her lovely ceramic swimmers series.

You can see her works on different online websites as Behance, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Inspired – Astrid Torres


Enjoy the digital collage works by the Guatemalan artist Astrid Torres.

Inspired – Dorris Vooijs


I casually discovered the works by the Dutch artist Dorris Vooijs  on Instagram  a while ago, and I just fell in love with her style. Dorris collected in years vintage pictures that they become the basis for her artworks.

Using different mixed media techniques as collage, illustration and painting, the artist re-elaborates classic retro photos giving them a fresh and new interpretation.