Tomasa Martin Paintings


Enjoy the delicate colours combination of the paintings realised by the Spanish artist Tomasa Martin.

Portraits By Larissa Eremeeva

Love it!

The Russian-Dutch artist Larissa Eremeeva creates wonderful portrait paintings.

The artist wants to explore  strengths and vulnerabilities of human beens with a personal “voyeuristic” look. I love her way to represent textures too, with a bold but still delicate final result.

Christina Romeo – Mixed Media Creatures

Dreamy art!

The American artist Christina Romeo brings us into a fairy tales world through her beautiful art creations.

Her works are a combination between abstract and figurative art full of bright colours. The artist is able to showcase her unique style on drawings, paintings and fine contemporary ceramics.

Below some of my favorite pieces, enjoy!

Romy van Rijckevorsel – Art & Nostalgia


The Dutch artist Romy van Rijckevorsel takes inspiration from classic vintage photos to create beautiful paintings.

Memories, nostalgia and bright colours are always present in her works, I love her unique illustrative style combined with old vintage portraits.

Anne Siems – Wood Spirits


I am truly fascinated by the artworks of Anne Siems. On her paintings I can recognize the symbolism and the illustrated style of Frida Kahlo, and at the same time the Renaissance joy of Bottticelli‘s paintings.

Anne drawings and paintings are full of mystery, where nature “absorbs” the ghostly subjects, creating an harmonic coexistence. The subjects reminds me to some sort of legendary “wood spirits” that lives into old forests…


Torben Giehler – Abstract Nature


The paintings by the German artist Torben Giehler are the perfect one to bring you a positive mood every time you look at them.

Sometimes in his abstract paintings you can recognize a mountain landscape, but his personal way to see nature is stunning.

Bright and shiny colors are the key players of each of his works, and the way he combines them together is so intriguing and inspiring.

Henrietta Harris – Dissolving Portraits


I love the delicate art by the New Zealand artist Henrietta Harris. Her paintings and drawings are surreal portraits with a unique style, where faces are often covered in some way.

It seems that the portraits were manipulated with weird interventions that looks like a “glitch” where faces are dissolving, but these effects only give to each work a more interesting point of view.