Matthew Quick Art


Enjoy the sarcastic mood that surrounds the beautiful paintings by Matthew Quick. These works are part of a series called “Monumental Nobodies“.

You can also find Matthew on Twitter and Instagram.


Cela Luz Paintings


Enjoy the amazing bright abstract oil paintings by the Brazilian artist Cela Luz.

You can also find the artist on Facebook and Instagram.

Paintings By Han Yuliang


I love how the Chinese artist Han Yuliang recalls his childhood memories with this beautiful oil portraits.

There is a mix and match of nostalgia and sadness that makes each piece more fascinating.



Catherine Denvir – Dark Fairy Tales


I love the haunted feeling that the oil paintings by Catherine Denvir suggests me. Each character seems to come out from a dark fairy tale of some sort.

You can also find her on Saatchi Art and Instagram.

Portraits By Amy Sherald


I super enjoy the beautiful oil portrait paintings by the American artist Amy Sherald.

Eliza Douglas – Magic Hands


I fell in love with this large scale paintings by Eliza Douglas, all focused on weird living hands moving around.