Inspired – Emma Sutherland

I am a massive fan of Emma Sutherland artworks.

Her mixed media explorations are filled with depth and brightness, where there is always a touch of neon colours as well. I enjoy the fact that each piece is carefully layered, where you have to visually “scratch” the surface, to discover all the beauty within each work.

You can also find her on Instagram.

Some Of My Works 57


I was pretty happy to have found this series of vintage nude studies on eBay. Once I started to work on them I have been truly inspired. These are 9 big retro photos (about 18 x 24 cm), that I “pimped” with my own style.

You can find them available on Saatchi Art.



FLAGG Dioramas


Enjoy the playful dioramas created by the South African artist FLAGG. She creates one of a kind sculptures mixing and matching vintage found objects.


Christina Romeo – Mixed Media Creatures

Dreamy art!

The American artist Christina Romeo brings us into a fairy tales world through her beautiful art creations.

Her works are a combination between abstract and figurative art full of bright colours. The artist is able to showcase her unique style on drawings, paintings and fine contemporary ceramics.

Below some of my favorite pieces, enjoy!

Inspired – Steve Tierney


Enjoy the “tasty” vintage style collages by the Australian mixed media artist Steve Tierney.

Inspired – Dorris Vooijs


I casually discovered the works by the Dutch artist Dorris Vooijs  on Instagram  a while ago, and I just fell in love with her style. Dorris collected in years vintage pictures that they become the basis for her artworks.

Using different mixed media techniques as collage, illustration and painting, the artist re-elaborates classic retro photos giving them a fresh and new interpretation.

Inspired – Nina Garner

So inspiring!

I fell in love with Nina Garner‘s mixed media artworks.

Her clever interventions are a mix and match of analogue photography cuts, found materials, elements took directly from nature and a dreamy colors combination. On her website’s Fine Art section you will find some very good projects.

Below my favorite one!