Purple Crafts – CMB

Oh my!

I just love the beautiful clay works by Chloe May Brown, aka CMB. Each piece is crafted by hand and the final result is super pretty and eye catchy.

If can find Chloe on Instagram too.

Inspired – Sarah Wickings


Enjoy the minimal vintage style collages by the London based artist Sarah Wickings.

Inspired – Fehmi Baumbach


The German artist Fehmi Baumbach realises minimal and geometric collages using paper cuts from drawings, encyclopaedias, paintings and photos. She also uses coloured yarns to finish her clean and beautiful compositions.


Tracie Cheng – Fluid Art

Love it!

The painter Tracie Cheng describes her art project as follows: “Tracie Cheng is an artist interested in dimension, fluidity, and versatility, primarily through lines and color in abstract form”.

I truly like how she transforms a simple line into something so dynamic and tridimensional.

Inspired – Marian Williams


This week I share with you the elegant cutouts by the France based artist Marian Williams.

Her works on canvas combine colorful acrylic paints with vintage cuts from magazines.


Rinii Lin Illustrations


I enjoy the weird characters created by the designer and illustrator Rinii Lin. Her minimal works are composed of pretty and delicate colours palette, and her style is truly amazing.

Inspired – David Diehl


The Swiss artist and graphic designer David Diehl creates amazing minimal “dada style” collages.

I enjoy a lot his paper textures compositions, clever and well executed.


Inspired – Mairi Timoney


Enjoy the wonderful mixed media artworks realised by the UK artist Mairi Timoney.

I love how she combines a pure minimal style, surreal landscapes and some delicate pastel colours shades.

Inspired – Nicola Kloosterman


I love the minimal and elegant collages created by the artist Nicola Kloosterman. Below some of my fave one.

Drawings by Juan Osorno

Love them!

The Colombian artist Juan Osorno creates very minimal and clean surreal portraits using just a pencil. And the result is super stunning.