Kirstin Lamb – Colorful Installations

Pop and bright!

I really enjoyed the amazing installations by The American artist Kirstin Lamb.

As a lover and collector of vintage ephemera of any kind, Kristin recreates that sense of retro style into her paintings, in both of her abstract and portraits works. After that, she arranges each art piece into a room, creating beautiful and colorful installations of paintings that “speak” to each other.

You can find Kristin on Facebook and Instagram too.

Inspired – David Fullarton


I just became a big fan of David Fullarton‘s artworks.

His pieces are a mix and match of beautiful sketches combined with words, that are also mixed media collages.


Inktober Challenge – 002

Second batch!

Here they are the other illustrations realised for this challenge. Enjoy 🙂

If you are interested in purchasing them, you can find them on my Tictail shop at a very affordable price.

Alex Senna – B&W Murales


I am super happy to have discovered such an amazing talent. Alex Senna is an artist and illustrator from Sao Paulo.

His black and white murales are quite unusual but extremely eye catchy and beautifully crafted. I love the contrast between the messy city landscapes and its minimal and visually clean style.

Purple Crafts – Emily Mae Martin

So lovely!

I discovered the handmade creations by the Edinburgh based artist Emily Mae Martin a few days ago, and I totally fell in love with them.

Emily described herself as “an illustrative surface designer, screen-printer and embroiderer”, that loves to get inspired by nature.

Her multi-creative skills allows her to move easily between the creation of beautiful art prints, fashion accessories and hand stitched textile art.

Below you can find some of her amazing creations, enjoy!

Sara Zin – The Starving Artist


Sara Zin is an artist and food lover, and she found a way to mix up these two big passions into one tasty project called “The Starving Artist“. On her Tumblr blog she shows wonderful watercolor illustrations of her favorite food, accompanied with a detailed recipe and a background story about why she really enjoys to cook that particular plate.

I also love her motivational concept behind this project:

When all else fails, sometimes all you need to do is take care of your body and cook something good. With this new decade of my life approaching, I see it as a reason to make more conscious decisions, and offer something beautiful to the world. To take authorship over what I want and be willing to share the things I’ve learned and believe in, however silly or bizarre they are”.

Well said!