Textile Art Scupltures

So coloured!

I fell in love with the soft textile sculptures-installations by the Chilean artist Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia.

Purple Crafts – Julia Wine


Julia Wine is a designer from Ukraine that creates cute fashion and home accessories with a dreamy twist. Using a minimal design and pastel colors combinations, Julia realize several products perfect to decorate our home.

She mostly works on simple shaped forms as a cat, a bear and a bunny that they are a clear signature of her design style. On her Etsy shop you can find coasters, pillows, magnets, photo frames, jewelry and many other little gems to wear.


Purple Crafts – MAMMBA Accessories

So colorful!

I love the handmade products by MAMMBA Accessories. The creator of this brand is Ilze, a proud mum of two kids and an interior and crochet designer.

Ilze started to crochet when she was expecting her daughter, and since then she never stopped. In her Etsy shop you can find colorful knitted/crocheted hats, scarfs, mittens, headbands and stunning jewels, all realized with love, attention and using beautiful color combinations.

Want to win a large art print of one of my collages? Just Post a comment here to participate! Giveaway ends on Sunday 31 of January 2016.

Hitrecord – Childhood Collaboration 002

Childhood Collab!

This is the second batch of collages realized for this project.

I experimented through the Hitrecord website on vintage portraits that users share on this portal. For the first time I wanted to work on images of people that can recognize themseves in the pictures. This was a big challenge, I was terrified by the idea to manipulate a portrait of someone that is part of the memories “attached” to it. I wanted to create a connection between the images and also to give to these photos a personal interpretation.

The result is a body of work composed of 64 postcard sized photo reproductions of 5 selected retro portraits. I will put them in little groups of 10 or so. The project is part of the Childhood collaboration.