Eliza Douglas – Magic Hands


I fell in love with this large scale paintings by Eliza Douglas, all focused on weird living hands moving around.




András Király – Hands Gesture

The power of gestures!

I truly love the paintings by the Hungarian artist András Király. His art research is mostly focused on the hands as a subject and all their gesture possibilities.

Sometimes he connects the hands to an object, but all his art pieces release an intriguing sense of energy and beauty.

Kevin Corrado – Transfer

Well done!

Kevin Corrado is a talented photographer, designer and artist. I enjoy the way he puts all his capabilities in every series, and “Transfer” is one of my favorite.

In all three pieces, a hand becomes covered in paint by touching a landscape of that color. In its entirety, the project speaks about our intense connection between common landscapes and their assigned colors. The project also addresses my role as an artist, and what color I will choose for my landscapes, even though my tool of choice is a camera (a tad bit ironic). A painter is given the task to paint a tree, but that painter must choose to use green paint.