Tracie Cheng – Fluid Art

Love it!

The painter Tracie Cheng describes her art project as follows: “Tracie Cheng is an artist interested in dimension, fluidity, and versatility, primarily through lines and color in abstract form”.

I truly like how she transforms a simple line into something so dynamic and tridimensional.

Abstract Collages 006


Here they are other brand new abstract collages from my “Getting Rid Of The Shit” series. The entire collection is available on my Artfinder online gallery only.

Enjoy 🙂

Abstract Collages 005

New collages!

My abstract collage experiments are going on, and “Getting Rid Of The Shit” Series is growing. You can find the entire collection on my Artfinder online gallery, enjoy!

Abstract Collages 003

Another batch!

These are other new abstract collage artworks that I am uploading on my Artfinder online gallery.

The series, called “Getting Rid Of The Shit“, is growing and I am happy to see how this new creative adventure is going on. I hope you will enjoy these new collages too!

Inspired – Hormazd Narielwalla


The London based artist Hormazd Narielwalla explores the body and abstract forms in his wonderful and delicate paper collages. Every sketch is composed using cut out illustrations, bright colors and geometric shapes.

You can find some of my favorite below.

Want to win a large art print of one of my collages? Just Post a comment here to participate! Giveaway ends on Sunday 31 of January 2016.

Purple Crafts – Floti

Minimal style!


I just love the creations by the Greek designer Olga, full of bright color combinations, simple and chic. Her necklaces are made by polymer clay, in addition she uses other materials as cotton, leather, wood and paint.

The minimal final result is stunning and I couldn’t resist, so I bought a necklace for me! As you can see from the pictures above, I received a nice packaging and a perfect necklace. You can find her on Etsy, the shop is called Floti.