Inspired – Marie Cameron

The American painter and mixed media artist Marie Cameron started this beautiful series, called #morerainbows!, during the pandemic.

Here’s what she describes this creative project:

My #morerainbows! series, which started during the pandemic, was a daily search for connection, hope, wonder and joy in which I embroidered silk rainbows onto found, vintage photographs. I felt the need for all of us to be able to see the rainbows in ourselves, in each other and in our world.

You can also find her on Instagram.

Noora Schroderus – Embroidered Art


Enjoy the beautiful embroidered banknotes by the Finnish artist Noora Schroderus.

Inspired – Nate Lewis


Enjoy the extraordinary paper artworks by the American artist Nate Lewis. These intricate 3D pieces are a mix and match of drawing, sculpture, etching,  embroidery, and textiles. 

You can follow Nate on Twitter and Instagram.

Inspired – Laura McKellar

Super inspired!

This week it’s all about vintage and embroidery. Enjoy the wonderful hand stitched works by the designer and illustrator Laura McKellar, realised over printed retro portraits.

Inspired – Ulla Jokisalo

So inspired!

The wonderful collage interventions by the Finish artist Ulla Jokisalo are full of elegance and grace.

The artist creates unique artworks mixing paper cutting and hand sewing techniques, using also pin needles as a decoration.

Purple Crafts – Emily Mae Martin

So lovely!

I discovered the handmade creations by the Edinburgh based artist Emily Mae Martin a few days ago, and I totally fell in love with them.

Emily described herself as “an illustrative surface designer, screen-printer and embroiderer”, that loves to get inspired by nature.

Her multi-creative skills allows her to move easily between the creation of beautiful art prints, fashion accessories and hand stitched textile art.

Below you can find some of her amazing creations, enjoy!

Inspired – Rossana Taormina

So inspired!

This week I show you the amazing hand stitched collages by the Italian artist Rossana Taormina.

Her interventions, done with simple cotton or silk threads, are composed of geometric and minimal elements done directly on vintage portraits (yes!).

Below a little selection of my favorite works, check out her Tumblr account to see other amazing mixed media installations (love them too).

Purple Crafts – Elizabeth Pawle

Super cute design!

The UK illustrator Elizabeth Pawle creates stunning paintings, textile and embroidery abstract art using bright colors combinations.

The balanced minimal style is totally unique, I love the way she creates simple but eye catchy compositions. You can find her shop on Etsy, you can also follow her “work in progress” projects on her Instagram account.

Purple Crafts – Jujujust

New section!

I wanted to create a specific section about all the designers and crafters that inspires me a lot. I hope you will enjoy my “purple crafts” discoveries, there are a lot of talented people out there…

Let’s start with Judit Just textile creations. She realizes a colorful mix between art, sculpture and embroidery. On her Etsy shop, called jujujust, you will find textile jewelry, bags and awesome tapestry pieces.

Below a little gallery about her works, jump into her Etsy shop to see al the rest!