Alice De Miramon – Layered Art

You cannot deny it – the French artist Alice De Miramon can transform everything she touches into a beautiful, colourful and powerful art piece.

I love how she uses very old vintage papers as a medium to paint over her delicate feminine subjects. She also experiments a lot, paintings on vintage objects or textiles as well. No matter where she paints, you can recognise her “fauvism” inspired touch.

You can also find her on Instagram.

Miquel Wert Drawings


Enjoy the vintage touch of the beautiful drawings by the Spanish artist .

You can also find the artist on Saatchi Art, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Abstract Collages 001


During this summer I am experimenting a little bit with abstract collages, a thing that I always wanted to do and now become a real thing. I am basically doing what I always did, putting abstract forms and lines, but this time not using an existing image as a starting point, but a blank sheet of paper.

The reason why I wanted to do some abstract stuff was also because tons of pens that I have at home cannot be used over a photographic surface, and this got me a little bit frustrated. Since I have so much pens to use, why don’t start to use a different surface?

For this reason is born “Getting Rid Of the Shit Series“, a long sequence of small and medium (and now they are getting big too!) collages composed by geometric and organic forms. As I always do, my life background, what I love and a pinch of subconscious are present in these works too.

I would love to have your opinion about these brand new stuff, I hope to hear from you guys! I will release about 10 pieces per week (if I remember to prepare the posts, ahah), so you can check and see the evolution of these artworks.

Anne Siems – Wood Spirits


I am truly fascinated by the artworks of Anne Siems. On her paintings I can recognize the symbolism and the illustrated style of Frida Kahlo, and at the same time the Renaissance joy of Bottticelli‘s paintings.

Anne drawings and paintings are full of mystery, where nature “absorbs” the ghostly subjects, creating an harmonic coexistence. The subjects reminds me to some sort of legendary “wood spirits” that lives into old forests…


Inspired – Dorris Vooijs


I casually discovered the works by the Dutch artist Dorris Vooijs  on Instagram  a while ago, and I just fell in love with her style. Dorris collected in years vintage pictures that they become the basis for her artworks.

Using different mixed media techniques as collage, illustration and painting, the artist re-elaborates classic retro photos giving them a fresh and new interpretation.

Drawings by Chamo San

So beautiful!

I really enjoy the “minimal line” style of the Barcelona artist Chamo San.

His stunning portraits are realized using a combination of ballpoint pens and ink, with an intriguing bold 3D final effect.