Inspired – Marina Siero

So inpired!

Enjoy the dada inspired collages by the Spanish artist Marina Siero.

Inspired – Isabelle Cordemans


Enjoy the elegant dada collage interventions realised with found images and vintage photos by the Belgian artist Isabelle Cordemans.

Inspired – Federico Hurtado


Enjoy the dada style collages by the Argentinian artist Federico Hurtado.

Inspired – Lee McKenna

So inspired!

The artist Lee McKenna embraces the imperfection of old, used, discarded and damaged paper, to create unique beautiful collages.

Her mixed media compositions are mostly made of found paper “fragments” that the artist puts together in a delicate and clever way.

Below some of my favourite one, enjoy 🙂


Inspired – Isabel Reitemeyer

So inspired!

Enjoy the collage works by the Berlin based graphic designer Isabel Reitemeyer.

I love her minimal compositions combined with a dada-like style.