Inspired – Cory W. Peeke


Enjoy the elegant dada style collage creations by the American artist Cory W. Peeke.

Inspired – Armand Brac


This week we celebrate the beauty of these dada style collages by the French artist Armand Brac.

Some Of My Works 53


These are some of my new collages on vintage found photos and postcards. You can find more of them here and here.

Inspired – David Diehl


The Swiss artist and graphic designer David Diehl creates amazing minimal “dada style” collages.

I enjoy a lot his paper textures compositions, clever and well executed.


Inspired – Lee McKenna

So inspired!

The artist Lee McKenna embraces the imperfection of old, used, discarded and damaged paper, to create unique beautiful collages.

Her mixed media compositions are mostly made of found paper “fragments” that the artist puts together in a delicate and clever way.

Below some of my favourite one, enjoy 🙂


Represented By Artfetch



From today I am represented by Artfecth, an Irish online gallery that features international and local contemporary artists. I was selected as one of the Irish based artists to be represented by this gallery, and I am really really proud of it. Thanks a lot for this opportunity!

You can find an overview about my works here, where you will also find some selected collages realized exclusively for this gallery. Below a little preview of the artworks available on the site. You will also find a small interview on the Artfetch blog.