Inspired – Marina Siero

So inpired!

Enjoy the dada inspired collages by the Spanish artist Marina Siero.

Jeremiah Jenkins – Commemorative Plates


I was truly fascinated by the Commemorative Plates Series of the American artist Jeremiah Jenkins. His works are a perfect mixture between assemblage, collage, dada, sculpture and installation, and I love them.

Inspired – Dulce Chico Latina

So Inspired!

I don’t know so much of this artist (he’s Spanish, with a very interesting Flickr account), but what I know for sure is that I truly love his remakes of classic paintings.

Enjoy his funny dada style collages.


Inspired – Federico Hurtado


Enjoy the dada style collages by the Argentinian artist Federico Hurtado.

Inspired – Armand Brac


This week we celebrate the beauty of these dada style collages by the French artist Armand Brac.

Inspired – David Diehl


The Swiss artist and graphic designer David Diehl creates amazing minimal “dada style” collages.

I enjoy a lot his paper textures compositions, clever and well executed.


Inspired – Lee McKenna

So inspired!

The artist Lee McKenna embraces the imperfection of old, used, discarded and damaged paper, to create unique beautiful collages.

Her mixed media compositions are mostly made of found paper “fragments” that the artist puts together in a delicate and clever way.

Below some of my favourite one, enjoy 🙂