Inspired – Helena Pallarés

So elegant!

I am totally in love with the collage works by Helena Pallarés, I was lucky enough to see her fab works live during The Other Art Fair in London.

She creates minimal colour block portraits using a mixture of illustration and collage, and the result is visually appealing and clean.

You can follow her on Instagram, and purchase her prints and originals here and here.

#Creativeunblock – March


So, I had the time to scan all the works that I realized for the March Creative Unblock, a brilliant idea from The Jealous Curator blog. It was really challenging and fun at the same time. This was the starting point for the project:

Start with a stack of white or off-white papers. Sometimes I use scraps or sometimes I take large pieces of drawing paper and cut them into pieces around 8×10 inches. Then get out your watercolors, acrylics or other paint and mix up some of your favorite colors. Paint the surface of the papers. Once the painted papers have dried, get some scissors or an x-acto knife and cut out some shapes. They can be totally arbitrary, or they can be recognizable as objects, animals, faces, etc. Open your sketchbook or get a blank sheet of paper and start arranging shapes. Just play with the shapes and colors, layering until you see interesting combinations. You can start gluing them down in your paper or book, painting on top of them, or just save the pieces you like”.

I started painting with watercolors on paper some plain colors. Then when everything was dry, I cut out circles. I played around the circles using simple geometric forms and shapes. The result is a kind of abstract collage series.

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