Inspired – Christian Wischnewski

Christian Wischnewski – Untitled 003


Enjoy the bright paper compositions by the German artist Christian Wischnewski.

You can also find him on Instagram.

Some Of My Works 66

It’s been a while!

Here’s a batch of fresh new works that I am currently working on. I really enjoy to use wood panels and boards lately, and I think that the mixture of vintage portraits and wood gives a magic final touch to each piece.

Moreover, I can magnify the images to create an abstract patterned space around each subject. These works are part of the series “Gentlemen” and “Gentlewomen“.

For these pieces I used a vintage photo attached to a wood panel as a starting point. Then I decorated them using acrylic and gel pens, some of them also have gouache painting in the background.

You can find the whole collection available in my website.

Inspired – Helena Pallarés

So elegant!

I am totally in love with the collage works by Helena Pallarés, I was lucky enough to see her fab works live during The Other Art Fair in London.

She creates minimal colour block portraits using a mixture of illustration and collage, and the result is visually appealing and clean.

You can follow her on Instagram, and purchase her prints and originals here and here.

I am Back!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are doing well, I am super happy to be back on this blog 🙂

During these years could’t add any more images because of my subscription plan, so I thought to have a proper one to get more space.

I didn’t have time and money to invest on this space, but I felt guilty of ignoring it completely.

So here we are: I promise that I will post more often from now on, and share with you my favourite artists, some tasty art news and also my creative journey as an artist.

Thanks so much for your interest in my blog and for your patience,


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Inspired – Anthony Zinonos


Enjoy the minimal and colourful paper collages by Anthony Zinonos.

You can also find the artist on Instagram.



Inspired – Anna Malina


Enjoy the amazing collage gif animations by the German artist Anna Malina.

You can find her also on Instagram.


Inspired – Rozenn Le Gall


Enjoy the elegant surreal collages by Rozenn Le Gall.

Inspired – Janna Yotte


Enjoy the elegant collage compositions by the Canadian artist Janna Yotte.

You can also find the artist on Instagram and Behance.