Featured – Design Crush & More


Here they are some last features of my collages online.

Thanks to Rise Art for mentioning them twice (here and here) on their blog, CreativPaper for this amazing feature (it’s super old but it’s worth to read it) and to Design Crush for this lovely post!

Screenshot of a blog page.

Featured on Design Crush blog.

Screenshot of a blog page.

Featured on Rise Art blog.

Blog screenshot

Collages by Naomi Vona featured on CreativPaper.

Screenshot of a blog page.

Featured on Rise Art blog.


Inspired – Claire Martine


Enjoy the hand cut surreal collages by the French artist Claire Martine. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Inspired – Marta De Los Pájaros


Enjoy the beautiful hand cut paper collages by the Spanish artist Marta De Los Pájaros. Each composition reminds me a sort of imaginary and relaxing oasis.

You can follow Marta on Instagram.

Inspired – Karo Knitter


Enjoy the amazing mixed media creations by Karo Knitter.

The artist combines vintage found objects (the framed dried flowers compositions are my fave ones) with her contemporary illustrative style. The result is a beautiful and perfect mix of old & new.

You can follow her on Facebook, Tumblr and check her available pieces on Etsy.