Ann Smart – The Black Series


I totally fell in love with The Black Series paintings by the Canadian artist Ann Smart. Each piece is a manipulated glossy fashion shot, where mainstream model shots has been turned into deep-dark subjects.

You can take a look to her works on Saatchi Art, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Tracie Cheng – Fluid Art

Love it!

The painter Tracie Cheng describes her art project as follows: “Tracie Cheng is an artist interested in dimension, fluidity, and versatility, primarily through lines and color in abstract form”.

I truly like how she transforms a simple line into something so dynamic and tridimensional.

Brooklyn Whelan – Exploring The Sky

Head in the clouds!

I love how the Australian painter Brooklyn Whelan represents the beauty of weather patterns, focusing his research in skies and clouds.

Using acrylics on canvas with a limited colours palette, Brooklyn makes you enjoy a new and exciting way to explore the nature.