Ziqian Liu – Surreal Self Portraits


Elegant, minimalist, surreal – these are the beautiful images by the Chinese independent photographer Ziqian Liu.

All the pics are still life self portraits, where you can see an intricate and balanced interaction between her body and objects of all sorts.

This is how describes her art research: All of her work is a self-portrait. In her work, she combines her body, plants, and mirror images, constantly exploring the balanced state of peaceful coexistence between humans and nature. In terms of visual presentation, she is keen to create quiet images with a sense of rigor and order.

You can also find her on Instagram.

#creativeunblock – February

February project!

Just a while ago I spoke about a few features of the past weeks (yay!), included the one on The Jealous Curator for the monthly challenge Creative Unblock.

The idea for this new project was simple: “Catalog the contents of your medicine cabinet/bathroom shelf : Draw, paint, photograph, or collage everything you have, and then make a poster or small book about the objects”.

I thought to make some simple still life of random object found in the cabinet bathroom using my Polaroid camera. The result? Have a look below and tell me what do you think. If you want to participate to the March Creative Unblock, click here to see the details and have fun!