Monogrenade – Le Fantôme

Surreal piece!

This video questions our perception of reality and memory. I like the way they wanted to show an ordinary couple relationship using a surreal vision and conceptual elements.

This short film was directed by Kristof Brandl and shot by Christophe Collette.

Purple Sunday – Ai Pioppi

This is the story of Bruno, an extraordinary dreamer.

Hidden among the trees of an Italian forest, Bruno has been building swings, slides, seesaws, gyroscopes and roller-coasters for the last forty years. They are his passion and a way to attract clients to Ai Pioppi, the restaurant he runs with his family. Throughout this short documentary, his hand-powered toys move alongside his thoughts about existence and death; and why he spent more than half of his life creating rides.

Documentary by Fabrica.

Inspired – Bill Domonkos

I’ve discovered the extraordinary artworks by Bill Domonkos just a couple days ago, and I was totally amazed.

He is an American  visual artist and filmmaker that creates surreal animations using images and videos from the past. His work combines 2D and 3D computer animation, special effects, photography, video and manipulated archive film footage.

Below some of his gifs, looooove them!