How Are You & News

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post, but things have been so complicated and busy, only a crazy global pandemic would give me some time for this blog!

First of all, how are you? At the beginning of this year I was thrown into a vortex of things to plan ahead and people to meet. My everyday job also brought me a lot of things to think about, I never had so much time for the blog, or other things that I was loving doing in my spare time.

Now this unreal situation blew up all my plans, everything slowed down and I was able to take back my time, the precious time that we all want for ourselves. I am trying to stay positive and to see under this pandemic something good, because otherwise I would just start to panic and live a daily nightmare.

Furthermore my family is in Italy, is based in the first European red zone where everything started. At the beginning was quite hard to focus and to be optimistic, but we cannot lose our minds, it’s a mind game! They are fine and well, but still the situation is so uncertain that I don’t know what to expect from this strange times.

I hope that you and your beloved ones are fine and well, and I would like to know how everyone is coping with quarantine. As a creative person, I am trowing myself into making stuff, but networking is also very important.

I am accepting online art challenges, participating to Zoom chats, getting involved in any kind of creative activity that will help me out to reach out “normality”. I am really happy that I am being involved in so many creative projects and I have been contacted from different creative realities in order to share my love for art.

I hope that this post will be for you a way to speak up and to release the stress and if you want, a way to stay connected and try to find a pleasant distraction. I am learning some new skills and spending my time in doing things that I never had time to do before.

I am making videos, creating art journals and also starting to use new apps like TikTok 🙂 I also had the time to create my own website too, and I am really proud of what I am achieving. What about you? It’s ok if you did nothing, because there is no goal set at the end of this quarantine.

I believe that focusing on ourselves and taking our time back is also a way to do something. Contemporary society asks us to be hyper productive, multitasking and to have always a schedule to fill up our days. But human beings are not machines, we are not meant to become one! So, if you did absolutely nothing, I am very proud of you too.

Anyway, I also had days where I did nothing and wandered around my flat asking myself if I was enough. Sometimes you think that you are wasting your time doing nothing, but it’s not true, don’t listen to that inner voice! In conclusion, I just want to check on you all and I hope that this post will the starting point for some good conversations.

Take care,


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