ArtSmart Contemporary – London Pop Up Week

So happy!

Vintage vinyl cover of Elton John portrait manipulated with Posca pens.

Naomi vona collage on vintage vinyl cover

I became part of the ArtSmart Contemporary crew and I wanted to highlight this young organization, plus their upcoming pop up event in London where I will exhibit some of my works. If you live or you are in London this month, you can come to the show!

The group exhibition opening will be the 10th of March at 5 pm at Space W10, and will run until the 15th of March. There will be several events as talks, auctions and more during the exhibition days. For more details about the week schedule, have a look here.

What is ArtSmart Contemporary

An online gallery that represents contemporary artists and at the same time supports charities. By selling artworks online and organizing pop up exhibitions and other art related events, they support artists and also donate a percentage of the incomes to a list of charities available on their online space.

For each work sold online there will be  5% donation for charity. On their offline auction sales, donation is the difference between the starting price and the final selling price. I think that their way to operate is truly interesting and inspiring, so I am really happy to be part of this team!




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