Digital Collages 001


As I promised on this post, here they are some of my first digital collages that I created thanks to the useful sources found on Hitrecord. I wanted to make some digital experiments on classic vintage photos using my signature crochet mask, and this is the result.

As I already explained for my handmade crochet collages, this project is directly inspired to “Uno, Nessuno e Centomila” (One, No One and One Hundred Thousand) novel by Luigi Pirandello. The “identity loss” of the main character Vitangelo Moscarda, is a smart analysis on how the perception of ourselves can be so different through the eyes of the others.

This is an ongoing series, I will show you just the first batch of images that I realized and then release other next week. I hope you enjoy and please let me know what do you think!


6 thoughts on “Digital Collages 001

  1. You used an image of mine that you got on hitRECord. You are not allowed to sell images from hitRECord. Please remove it from all of your websites.

    • Hi Roxann!
      Sorry to hear that you are upset, but I am really not selling or giving away this picture anywhere. The giveways that I am doing are about my personal works.
      I am just showing what I was able to do with the image sources found on Hitrecord on my personal blog. Even showing the remixes outside the Hitrecord website is not allowed or so? Please let me know if you want anyway to have this picture removed or is you have any suggestion in how to deal with Hitrecord images sources outside the portal.

  2. I want the image removed. Also, please remove all of the images you used of mine from Flickr, Behance, WordPress, saatchiart, and anywhere else you have the childhood picture of me and also the above image. It is a copyright violation to remix images from the hitRECord site and add them to other sites.

    • So even if I put the exact link to the source is a copyright violation? I thought it was ok to share it…Sorry again to have upset you, I didn’t wanted to exploit your material in any way. I will be more than happy to have a proper conversation with you in how the Hitrecord portal works. I will remove the images of yours within today.

    • Hi Roxann! Sorry to bother you again but I had a proper conversation with the Community Manager of the HitRECord portal in these last weeks, and he enlighten me about how it works the “sharing” remixed works outside the community.

      Is not forbidden to share the remixed works outside, is encouraged and welcome. The only missing thing in my case was the direct links to the original sources, now they are sorted out. I will NOT include again the remixes done with your files, because it seems that you are not happy with this, and I respect that. However I wanted to tell you how does it works, just in case you find another user that is sharing some of their works outside Hitrecord portal as I did.

      About the copyrights of vintage images – a found photo or a picture taken by someone that is not you or a relative, it falls into a tricky law nightmare. Although the image re-appropriation (the elaboration of an existing image, in this case a remix) can be protected by law (based on the country you live), the sharing/trying to have a profit of an image that is not yours, and shown “as is” (not elaborated at all), it can be defined a copyright violation.

      I suggest you these two links of recent cases (that both falls into the US jurisdiction, because the photographers are there) where the copyright topic is well highlighted:

      I hope this will help, and this is definitely something that can be shared and discussed within the Hitrecord community too.

      Have a great day!

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