Inspired – J. Frede


The Los Angeles multi disciplinary artist J. Frede created this intriguing project called Fiction Landscapes. Frede collected several vintage landscape photos purchased on flea markets, then he started to make a sort of collage connection between them. He basically arranged them in fascinating compositions recreating an imaginary and new landscape.

The artists explains:

I feel that with a photograph that is lacking a focal point such as a family member or specific location IE: the destination of the trip, then the photo is something of a placeholder for what was happening in the photographers life at that moment. For instance that point and shoot photo of a hill side on a road trip, which we have all taken at some point, will call back the trip as a whole and memories of the trip or that time in your life that are completely unassociated with the uninteresting and un related hillside that happened to fly past you as you rode in the car or stopped at a rest stop. Once these photos with no discernable direction have found themselves in a bin at the flea market these ambiguous photographs and their secret associations with memories are lost forever.

The concept itself is close to what several contemporary artists (included me) wants to achieve working on found images and found archives: giving a life back to people, places and stories that were lost and forgotten from a long time.

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