Society6 Art Print – Review And Giveaway



Last month I wanted to order a large sized art print from my Society6 shop. I previously just ordered a tote bag and I was pretty happy about the final result, but I was really curious to see how they manage “classic” art prints on paper.

I was a little bit disappointed with the service. The order was done on the 13th of December, the tracking system was stuck on the 16th of December for about 20 days.  Once I contacted the customer service (on the 4th of January), the order appeared as arrived from the US to the UK, and was delivered a couple of days later. By the way, I can understand that there were the Christmas holidays in between, so this can happen easily during this time of the year.

The print colors are really bright and I love the thickness of the paper and its matt finish. There is a little crease into an angle of the print but luckily it’s in the white border, so the print itself was not compromised.

The packaging was good, the print arrived rolled into a thick cardboard tube fixed with plastic caps on both sides. The ruined angle is due to the fact the during the transportation the tube was slightly deformed. So let’s say that at the end I was very happy for the print but not so happy for the wait time.

And now, it’s time to give it away!

The art print is called “Il Martirio di Caterina da Siena” (Caterina from Siena’s Martyrdom) and is about one of my collages done on vintage vinyl covers. The size of the print is 22 x 22 inches (about 55 x 55 cm), so it’s pretty big.

To participate it’s super simple: leave a comment below this post and you will get the chance to win the print! The deadline is Sunday 31 of January 2016, I will draw the winner the day after using

Good luck!

23 thoughts on “Society6 Art Print – Review And Giveaway

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