Hitrecord – Childhood Collaboration 006

Childhood Collab!

This is the last batch of collages realized for this project. I hope you enjoy!

I experimented through the Hitrecord website on vintage portraits that users share on this portal. For the first time I wanted to work on images of people that can recognize themseves in the pictures. This was a big challenge, I was terrified by the idea to manipulate a portrait of someone that is part of the memories “attached” to it. I wanted to create a connection between the images and also to give to these photos a personal interpretation.

The result is a body of work composed of 64 postcard sized photo reproductions of 5 selected retro portraits. I will put them in little groups of 10 or so. The project is part of the Childhood collaboration.

2 thoughts on “Hitrecord – Childhood Collaboration 006

  1. This childhood collaboration is very bright and vibrant. I think the one at the bottom with the girl with her dummy really captures the essence of children at that age. Nicely put together. Sorry is that you?

    • Thank you Nina! These pictures are took from a file sharing portal called Hitrecord (the link on the post). People posted their childhood images and artists can work on them giving a personal interpretation of the topic. Thanks again for your comment 🙂

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