Prosecco e Pop Corn Exhibition


My video The Media Infidels will be shown at Prosecco e Pop Corn, an art event in Bari, Italy.

I am really happy that I have been invited to this event, they will be present other video art works of great artist like Bill Viola. I consider it a big honor, so thanks so much to Chiara Buzzi for taking my work in consideration!

Below some details about the video art festival.

Prosecco e Pop Corn

Cineporti di Puglia – Bari
Padiglione 180, Fiera del Levante
Lungomare Starita, 1 — 70132 Bari

Prosecco e pop corn

India Lawton – Scars

The UK artist India Lawton explores the family album through a unique and intriguing way.

Below the presentation of her photo series Scars:

‘Looking back at family photographs, now with the light of new knowledge, they don’t show the memories as I remember them. By letting my emotions run loose on photographs, I take control. Control to erase, to re-edit, to let go, and to begin to move on. But like the photographs, I am still left to bear the scars.’